Message à la communauté de Notre-Dame-de Grâce-COVID19

Conseil communautaire NDG, conscient de la crise COVID-19 que nous traversons et des impacts sur vos vies, tient à rester auprès de vous en ces moments difficiles.

Notre préoccupation première a toujours été et reste la qualité de vie dans notre quartier. 

Il est dans l’intérêt général des habitants de notre quartier  de suivre les consignes gouvernementales et de pratiquer la distanciation sociale.

Puisque seules les autorités sont en mesure d’effectuer une mise à jour en temps réel, nous vous invitons à consulter les liens ci-dessous vous permettant d’accéder à des sources d’informations officielles. 

Nous demeurons disponibles par téléphone au 514-484-1471 poste 0 ou par courriel au Vous recevrez une réponse dans les 72 heures.

Message to the community of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce-COVID19 

The NDG Community Council, aware of the COVID-19 crisis we are going through and the impact on your lives, wants to stay with you in these difficult times.

Our primary concern has always been and remains the quality of life in our neighbourhood. 

It is in the general interest of the residents of our neighbourhood to follow government instructions and practice social distancing.

Since only the authorities are able to update in real time, we invite you to consult the links below to access official sources of information. 

We remain available by phone at 514-484-1471 ext. 0 or by email at You will receive an answer within 72 hours.  

NDG Coalition For Food Security

The NDG Food Security Coalition works to support our partners in developing an integrated and sustainable food system to ensure food security for all citizens of NDG. It facilitates collaboration amongst community organizations that provide services to address problems related to food insecurity."

The Table is currently coordinated by the NDG Community Council

CONTACTS: 514-484-1471 Graziella B. Challenger
The NDG Coalition for Food Security has a vision that all residents of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce will have access to sufficient, healthy, affordable and culturally-appropriate food.
Our mission is to improve the capacity of community members to ensure food security for all residents of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce"
Food Security Capacity Assessment

The Food Security Coalition received funding from Québec en Forme this year to conduct a capacity assessment and inventory of food security organisations and services in NDG. With this study, the Coalition plans to review its role and determine how it can best support its members, as well as determine new priorities and write an action plan for the years 2017-2022. 
The Coalition continues to participate in citywide initiatives to address food security. This has included participating in meetings organized by the Direction de la Santé Publique de Montréal, as well as the Système Alimentaire Montréalais (SAM). The Coalition is also keeping its eye on new developments happening at the City level, with talk of developing a Montréal Food Policy Council.
NDG Good Food Market

After being transferred over to the NDG Food Depot to manage, the project De la Terre, à la Table changed its name to the NDG Good Food Market / Marché Bonne Bouffe NDG. The market had its debut on June 19th, 2015 at the NDG Food Depot, and has continued ever since every Friday. During the fall of 2015, there were two pilot satellite markets that took place over four weeks: one next to the Walkley Center and one at George St. Pierre park in the St. Raymond sector. The satellite markets were a great success and will continue again this year during the entire summer and fall. For more information concerning the Market, please contact the market coordinator Nicolas Braesch at the NDG Food Depot:
The co-coordinators would like to thank members of the NDG Food Security Coalition, the Walkley Center, the CDN-NDG borough and the NDG Food Depot in making NDG markets a reality! The NDG Food Depot has done an amazing job managing the project. The NDG Community Council continues to be the fiduciary of the project.
The food security symposium ,De la Terre, à la Table,
took place on February 27, 2014 at the NDG Food Depot. More than a hundred participants gathered to discuss the issue of accessibility to fresh fruits and vegetables in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. In addition to sharing their ideas for an innovative project, participants were able to learn about the latest progress of the DSP funded project. The NDG Coalition for Food Security has received $45, 000 per year, for the next five years, to conduct a pilot project to help increase the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables for residents of NDG, with a focus on the four following sectors: Fielding-Walkley, Westhaven, Benny Farm and St. Raymond.
De la Terre, à la Table was transformed into the NDG Good Food Market, which is currently managed by the NDG Food Depot. Please see Projects.
CIUSSS-CO Cavendish
NDG Community Council
The Depot Community Food Centre
St. Monica's Food Pantry
St. Thomas Church
Concordia Greenhouse - City Farm School
NDG Senior Citizens' Council

Transition NDG
ICNA Relief Montreal Resource Center and Food Bank
New Hope
Head & Hands



GUIDE: Food Security Resources & Initiatives 

This guide was assembled by the NDG Community Council -Resource Center.






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