The NDG Community Council supports many residents initiatives with in-kind contributions or financiary when possible. The objectives of this support is to link those participants with existing resources and mobilise them to be an active part of our community. An important part of our mandate is support for groups of local residents who want to make a difference in their community. This support can take the form of staff time, or use of the Council's space or other resources. If you are interested in starting your own NDG-based group, or if you belong to a group that you think could benefit from the support of the Council, please contact us

Papa et Moi Program NDG


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Through activities and workshops, the development of parenting skills and the father-child attachment bond is promoted in order to improve the quality of life of families in NDG's priority sectors. Initially planned in small groups around the Walkley and St-Raymond Centres.
Tech Savvy Project


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This project allowed us to target the technology needs of seniors, offering one-on-one training sessions, tablets for those who needed them, and virtual workshops on various technology skills such as zoom, email, phone calls, and taking pictures.
Second Language Conversations Groups


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Our second language conversation groups were created to be an inclusive space for residents to practice necessary language skills and make social connections with fellow residents. The groups now run 5 days a week with thanks to 5 fabulous volunteer animators who help connecting residents from various background together through a common goal: developing their language abilities.

NDG Christmas Community Dinner

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The Annual NDG Community Christmas Dinner is in its 40-something-th year. The Diner still goes strong, and is a total volunteer effort entirely supported by hundreds of community citizens.
The 2017 Dinner served 999 meals--we received 65 turkeys by members of the “West End” community --all bought, cooked and delivered to St. Ignatius of Loyola Parish Church. While we’re at it, we sincerely thank St. Ignatius for its community spirit in allowing us to use their facilities without charge and a huge thank you to all the volunteers and donors. 
We served 1,095 meals this past Christmas.
We’ll be back in 2019 (on December 25, of course) and look forward to seeing everyone from the community. 
The NDG Community Christmas Dinner Group

Porchfest NDG

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Following its successful debut in 2015, The Council was once again proud to be the fiduciary for the 4th edition of the Porchfest music festival in May 2018.
Held over 2 days with more than 100 musical performances on balconies spread across the neighbourhood, the festival brought thousands of people out as spectators, NDG residents and visitors to the neighbourhood alike, and raised more than six thousand (6,000$) in donations for the Walkley Community Centre. Porchfest is now a staple of NDG’s cultural scene and the partnership between the Council and the amazing Porchfest team is as strong as ever. We will continue in our supporting role for 2019 and beyond. Aurora Robinson and Sarah Ring work tirelessly with a team of volunteers and musicians to host this wonderful weekend.

NDG Art Hive

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The NDG Art Hive is a free, bilingual, accessible community art studio operating across NDG for the past five years. Given our commitment to breaking isolation and promoting intergenerational community-building opportunities, we have maintained open studio time in the HLM St Raymond on Saturdays. A dedicated group of residents and our collective members kept this site humming all year. The CDN-NDG Borough gave us a wonderful gift: “Conten’ART,” offering storage space and a site
for programming in Park George St-Pierre last summer. We collaborated with our friends at the Sherbrooke Forest Art Hive and the Senior’s Atelier and offered monthly pop-ups at Benny Library throughout the year.
We had hundreds of people come through our pop-up during Imagine Monkland last June. The Cheap Art Collective and NDG Arts Week (NDGAW) offered a series of puppet building workshops culminating in a joyous, colorful parade. The Annual Haunted Melrose tunnel was a hit once again last October. In December, we worked with NDGAW to decorate Monkland for the holidays with beautiful handmade flags carrying messages of hope and peace and offered pop-ups during spring programming in Girouard Park. As our collective rounds the corner into our 5th
summer, we look to our community to help bolster our budget and deepen our impact. We remain grateful to the NDG Community Council team for the fiduciary platform and support, the Federal Government for the Summer Career Placement 
grant in 2018, the CDN-NDG Borough, the OMHM and to individual donors, volunteers and residents in the community for keeping our hive buzzing year-round.

Halloween in the Melrose Tunnel

The decorating of the Melrose Tunnel is a Saint-Raymond tradition that gains in popularity every year. Attendance for the resident-led painting and crafting of tunnel reached well over 75 people. This activity demonstrates how mobilized the sector has become over the years! Halloween Decorating of the Melrose Tunnel: A now-annual event bringing kids together to create Halloween decorations from recycled materials and decorate the Melrose Tunnel, transforming it into a haunted space. Partners – EcoQuatier, Cheap Art Collective, St. Raymond residents Association, Etoile-Filante primary school, Arrondissement CDN-NDG



Chinese Seniors Group

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With the amazing work of our Chinese Community Mobilizer; a Chinese senior group has formed in NDG! They seek new knowledge with different workshops around housing or French language skills. As an ethnic group, they feel heard in the community and often support the council in other activities.

Persian Seniors Group

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Seniors from the Persian community continue to gather in our space one evening a week with the support of a generous volunteer. Having access to our space provides these 15 to 20 seniors with a social engagement every week, strengthens
friendships, reduces isolation, and keeps them informed about what they have access to in the community.
Playing games, sharing food and knowledge, or playing music; the Council provides this group with more than just a space - we allow them to
be themselves and feel safe together.


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This group was created by a stay at home mom in need of peer support. They now are 7-10 mo-thers who meet weekly with their young children and do school preparation activities as well as educative games. This is an opportunity for both those children and mothers to socialize and share experiences.
The project has grown and last summer Motherland went on various field trips, ending the season with a sleepover camping trip. This is an opportunity for both child and mother to socialize and share experiences with others in similar life experiences.




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