Membership with the NDG Community Council means that you will be contributing in a meaningful way to an improved quality of life for everyone in NDG. As a member, you will be:

- Supporting access to information and services for all NDG residents;

- Helping make possible strong coordination between community services in our neighbourhood;

- Creating new opportunities for local development; and

- Having a space to make your voice heard in the future of our community.

Want to learn more about what it means to be a member?

Consult the Membership Section in the Council's Bylaws or contact us directly.

In order to be a 2020 member and to vote, you must be a member in good standing before May 12th 2020.

Please note that a charity receipt will be given for any donation of $20 or more.

There are 4 principal types of Membership with the Council

– Individual, Organizational, Associate and, as of summer 2015, Business. Our members are an important part of our organization, and you will benefit from:

  • Opportunities to work directly with us on projects that you care about;
  • Opportunities to have your events featured in our weekly community newsletter;
  • The right to submit candidacy to serve on our Board of Directors; and
  • The right to vote at our Annual and Special General Assemblies.

Individual Members

Any person who resides in the Territory may be a Individual Resident Member. Members in this category may be elected to the Board of Directors as representatives of local citizens. Any person who is active in the Territory through their work or their volunteer activities may be a Individual Non-resident Member. Individual Non-resident Members may participate in Council committees and vote at meetings of members, but they are not eligible to serve on the Board of Directors.

Organisational Members

Any not-for-profit organisation active in the Territory may be an Organisational Member. Annually, each Organisational Member shall appoint one delegate and an alternate. These appointees shall represent their Organisation at meetings of members and may be elected to the Board of Directors as representatives of the Organisational Member category The Council works in partnership with all organizations in NDG on ongoing dossiers ( Please see partners). For the history of the membership, please read our Annual Reports

Business Members

Any entrepreneur or company, regardless of size and/or scope, that conducts business and contributes to the economic life of the Territory may be a Business Member. Annually, each Business Member appoints a delegate and an alternate. These appointees represent the company at meetings of members and may be elected to the Board of Directors as representatives of the business category

Associate Members

Any community actor from the institutional and political milieus, such as representatives of academic, municipal, provincial and federal institutions, and individuals active in politics at all levels, may be an Associate Member. Associate Members are welcome to all of the Council's activities but they do not have the right to vote and they are not represented on the Board of Directors.




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