L’Abri en Ville


The mission at L’Abri en Ville:  is to provide a stable and fulfilling environment for persons diagnosed with major mental illness through safe, affordable housing and inclusion in a community that supports their social, material and spiritual needs. 
We believe in a society in which persons with mental illness can be full, contributing members. We extend support to others interested in adopting the L’Abri en Ville model.

Approach : The  purpose at L’Abri en Ville is to provide stable homes and authentic community for adults diagnosed with a major mental illness.L’Abri has a spirit that becomes evident to everyone who comes aboard—a spirit of community. 


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Complexe de santé Reine-Élizabeth, 650-2100, rue Marlowe, Montréal, QC.,  H4A 3L5 



L’Abri rents three-bedroom apartments and furnishes them attractively. Through a series of referrals and interviews, the coordinators choose three residents for each apartment. Potential residents can apply to L’Abri en Ville themselves but are more often referred by mental health professionals, and sometimes families. Each resident agrees to pay his or her share of the rent and utilities. Each is responsible for a share of the housework.
Volunteers are at the heart of L’Abri en Ville’s success. Most volunteers are attached to one of the apartment teams that support each group of three residents. But others contribute on an ad-hoc basis with such things as helping with apartment repairs or redecorating, driving to special events, or advising on the artwork for holiday cards.

Support also comes from groups. Faith communities provide many of our volunteers, offer the use of halls for gatherings, welcome residents and volunteers to speak about mental illness, and raise money in various ways. Service clubs and businesses donate goods and services such as storage, delivery and printing.

Staff (called “coordinators”) are experienced in the delivery of community mental health services. Coordinators are responsible for creating and delivering the program. They screen applicants for residency, meet candidates wishing to volunteer, and train and support them. They network with agencies offering various services for individuals living with mental illness. They maintain contact with the medical team that follows each resident and give individual residents tailored support, as well as facilitating weekly house meetings at each apartment.

Our donors and sponsors include individuals, foundations, the provincial government, businesses, faith communities and service organizations. Together, they make up a wider community which shares our commitment to including those who have been isolated through mental illness.
Seasonal activities such as the winter holiday party and the weekend camp in early September are anticipated and enjoyed by residents and volunteers alike. Everyone pitches in. At camp, one might be responsible for maintaining the campfire, others will help cook, wash dishes or sweep the floor; someone might play a guitar. We enjoy being together, and having the chance to be with the residents and volunteers in other apartments.







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