ROMEL: "Regroupement des Organismes du Montréal Ethnique pour le Logement"  was founded in 1984 by the following 7 organisations: L'OEIL, CLSC Côte-des-Neiges, la Maison Internationale de la Rive-Sud, YMCA International, l'Hirondelle, la Communauté Laotienne du Québec et La Maisonnée. These organisations were deeply preoccupied with housing issues related to the various cultural communities; they wanted to be able to rely on an organization that can offer expertise in the field and serve the needs of their clients in all housing related matters.  R.O.M.E.L’s initial role was to fulfill that mission, by gathering and centralizing all housing- related information  all housing-related information and to consequently diffuse it to its foundingorganizations.


6555, Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges, suite 400 Montréal (QC) H3S 2A6




Community Real Estate and the Technical Resources Group
The Technical Resources Group (GRT) includes a team of project managers and research leaders, experienced in the field of community real estate, who together have contributed to the creation of more than 1100 social housing units since the early 90’s.
While the scope of development extends over the island of Montreal, ROMEL has achieved projects in and about: Côte-des-Neiges (CDN), Notre-Dame-de-Grace (NDG), Villeray/ St. Michel/ Parc-Extension, St. Laurent, Lachine, Montréal North, Rivière-des-Prairies/ Pointe-aux-Trembles, Ahuntsic/ Cartierville, Grenville and Pierrefonds.
ROMEL has broadened its challenges by reaching to groups of parents wishing to develop Childcare Centers. Consequently, it works closely with the "Association des Groupes de Ressources Techniques du Québec (AGRTQ)", as well as the three other GRTs operating in Montreal.
PropertyManagement and Querbes Management Corporation
ROMEL provides comprehensive services in the fields of property management, the purchase and conversion of housings, including their repairs or renovation.
"Société de Gestion Querbes (SGQ)" is well equipped with a state of the art information system and a supporting, multidisciplinary team able to effectively manage several projects simultaneously.
Transition Homes

ROMEL offers temporary shelter for those in need at its Transition Homes located at the following locations:

1) 11977 Poincaré Street (for men)- 28 units
2) 3429 Prud’homme (for women)- 15 units


Diversified Training Sessions
ROMEL offers training services in the following areas: important information when searching for an apartment, caution against discrimination, lease and insurance contracts, rights and obligations of social housings, real-estate management in a multiethnic environment, the Rental Board and the Tenants’ Committee, programs related to private housing ownership, etc
Housing Research and Data Bank

On the island of Montréal, there are hundreds of apartments and households available for rent at any point in time. ROMEL assists prospective tenants to find adequate housing that meets their needs. This Data Bank is also available for refugee claimants referred to ROMEL by the immigration department (Le Ministère de l'Immigration et des communautés culturelles du Québec) MICC.
Communication Tools

ROMEL has produced many informational tools on a variety of topics in several languages, such as our guides:  `Looking for a Place to Live` and  `Civic Participation`, As well as pamphlets answering concerns related to housing, and powerful thematic tools that animators use to introduce the various social housing programs offered.
Community Services

ROMEL supports victims of discrimination, organizes effective awareness campaigns with various partners, holds continual door-to-door visits to inspect early signs of deterioration, assists clients in their procedure with the Housing Board (Régie du Logement), as well as in applying for the rent supplement program, rent allowance applications amongst others.
Innovative Projects

ROMEL is in constant development of new services related to housing, such as: Land Trust Community, Loan Fund, Working Cooperative in renovation construction, `First Door` Pilot Project, and initiatives in `Residential Integration`.





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