NDG Senior Citizens’ Council

NDG Senior Citizens’ Council (NDGSCC) is a nonprofit community organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of low-income adults (50+) by encouraging mutual aid and civic engagement. Since 1974, the NDGSCC has brought together people who are concerned with providing a better quality of life for older residents of N.D.G. and Montreal West. The NDGSCC is to open to engaging all individuals to the extent of their abilities.

Lives are transformed and people discover an infinite number of ways to give back. We are here for people in search of community and compassion. 


CONTACTS: (514) 487-1311  WEBSITE  88 Ballantyne North, Montreal West, QC H4X 2B8



NDGSCC aims to lessen the impact of social and economic isolation through programs and services, outreach, advocacy, research, joint action and education.  NDGSCC works to address the underlying causes of poverty and social exclusion by supporting social justice initiatives that represent the real changes required to promote dignity, not charity.  They provide a sense of belonging and restore hope to individuals who might otherwise remain invisible in society.

The NDG Senior Citizens’ Council is an organization dedicated to the respect, valuing and empowerment of seniors.They advocate an innovative approach to the provision of services. They strive to affirm the dignity and worth of the whole person - body, mind and spirit - by carrying out our mission through a process that is sensitive and humanistic. They protect their organizational autonomy and integrity while simultaneously working in partnership with government agencies and community organizations.



NDGSCC co-hosts (in partnership with the NDG Food Depot) monthly get-togethers that provide an opportunity for learning and sharing. Education on topics related to housing rights, affordable and healthy eating, self-esteem, budgeting and legal issues, among others are included with a meal that is prepared collectively. Participation and engagement play an integral role and everyone is encouraged to get involved.

Boomer Café

The Boomer Café is a drop-in designed to give low-income Boomers the opportunity to meet and connect with others. It gives people the chance to develop relationships, enjoy a cup of coffee as well as having access to computers and the internet free of charge; and it provides the opportunity for mutual support, advocacy/information, yoga classes, computer lessons, learning new skills. Individuals find collective solutions to shared challenges and participate in the development and operations of the drop-in center. The Boomer cafe is a joint initiative with the NDG Food Depot.

Support Group

We offer a support group for people who are having difficulty adapting to changes related to the aging process. Some of these changes may be due to isolation, deteriorating health, and/or the loss of a loved one. This group provides the opportunity for participants to develop supportive relationships both in the group and outside of the group as well as exchanging ideas and solutions to their challenges.


NDG provides advocacy for individuals who are 50 years and over.
We intervene on behalf of individuals who are experiencing roadblocks related to housing, finances, accessing health services or interpersonal difficulties. Volunteers assist with advocacy as part of a team. Every opportunity is taken to provide the opportunity for the person needing the help to be involved in the process. Individuals who are receiving help are given the opportunity to give back in a way that fits with their strengths and desires.




Services are offered to residents of N.D.G. and or Montreal West. Some have income, health and /or age related criteria.

Information and Referral
We assist individuals in acquiring the information that they are requesting. Every effort is made to connect them to the best resources to respond to their needs and to explain the process of accessing government and private services.
Day Away
A social and recreational program which offers frail older people a day of stimulating activities and companionship. Participants are involved in the planning of programs and share their skills particularly in the areas of cooking and offering their favorite recipes. The exercise program has been led for 20 years by a participant who is visually impaired. Transportation is provided and assistance is tailored to the individual needs of participants.
Income Tax
Trained volunteers assist in the preparation and filing of returns. A home service is offered for people who cannot attend clinics on the premises.
Action Transport
Transportation to medical appointments and treatment is provided by a paid driver or volunteer for people who cannot use public transportation.





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