Iraqi Community Center


The Iraqi Community Center (ICC), established in 1986, is a non-profit organization that offers a variety of services to help Iraqis better integrate in Canadian society.

The ICC works to create a healthy and friendly environment for all Iraqis regardless of their race, religion, age or background.

6767 Cote Des Neiges ,Bureau 604-1 ,Montréal, Canada, H3S 2T6


Organize community events during different national and religious celebrations; 

Represent the community at different local and national activities;

Assist new Iraqi immigrants in procuring proper residence and work opportunities;

Expose achievements of our community members such as artists and authors;

Organize lectures on important issues to the Iraqi community;

Work closely with other Iraqi communities and groups
and much more
English Language Course

ICC, with help of Iraqi volunteers is organizing free English language course to the community members, in particular to Iraqi new arriving in Montreal.

Food Bank Initiative

As you may know, many Muslims living amongst us must use food banks to help meet their daily needs. Unfortunately, the food banks do not provide Halal meat. The Iraqi Community Centre is therefore launching a project to help our brothers and sisters in need. Your donation will help to buy food coupons, worth $20 each.The Coupons will be redeemable at two Iraqi stores in NDG and Downtown .


All donations are most welcome. Thank you for your support and cooperation.






(514) 484-1471

fax: (514) 484-1687