Women on the Rise

Women on the Rise (WOR)  is an organization which adheres to its mission of "helping mothers to help themselves". We do this by providing support programs and services to parents with children from 0-5 years old. The organization was created in 1991 by CLSC/NDG in response to two studies which highlighted the need for services to address single parents, isolation problems associated with new immigrants and families in general. In 1999, the organization was incorporated as an independent entity. During the first year we shared the premises and received support of another community organization. 

In 2001, Women on the Rise was able to find a new home where all our activities could be conducted under one roof.

CONTACTS: (514) 485-7814 womenontherise@bellnet.ca


The organization consists of two programs:

Parenting program

Members participate in structured sessions focused on developing a social support network and on acquiring information on health and social issues relevant to their children and themselves.

Early Childhood Education Program 

This program focuses on providing an educationally stimulating environment where children participate in age-appropriate activities. 

Parents are also encouraged to share, learn and model effective strategies for relating to their children and promoting healthy child development.



Address : 6897 avenue Somerled, Montreal, QC, H4V 1V2  
Telephone : (514) 485-7814
Fax: (514) 485-7814
Email: womenontherise@bellnet.ca





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